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"Key features of what we have to offer are as follows:

- Comprehensive range of travel insurance cover to meet the needs of all travellers

- Free Kids cover aimed at families and single parents

- Competitive prices that are amongst the best in the industry

- No age loadings under 66 years of age

- Fully secure transactional website

- Instant Online Policy Fulfilment & Email Confirmation

Primary Insurance is one of the fastest growing Direct Travel Insurance companies in the UK. Part of the Primary Group of companies we offer a wide range of travel insurance policies catering to virtually every travellers needs. From single trip cover for individuals, couples or families, to multi trip annual travel insurance for regular travellers. Our long stay policy covers single trips lasting up to 365 days and is ideal for backpackers or students on a gap year. Further enhance your cover with options including winter sports, golf cover and a range of hazardous sporting activities.

Who are we?

Primary Insurance is one of the fastest growing direct Travel Insurance specialists in the UK. Part of the Primary Group of companies we offer a wide range of travel insurance policies catering to virtually every travellers needs. From single trip cover for individuals, couples or families, to multi trip annual travel insurance for regular travellers.

Our long stay policy covers single trips lasting up to 365 days and is ideal for backpackers or students on a gap year. Furthermore, we offer enhanced cover with options including winter sports, golf cover, business cover and a range of hazardous sporting activities."
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