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"For more than 15 years has been providing travelers great prices on the places you want to stay for both leisure and business travel. We make planning and booking a trip easy with our expert lodging website. offers more than 70,000 properties worldwide - from hotels and B&B's to condos and all inclusive resorts. also specializes in providing travelers with accommodations during sold-out periods. We know the hotel experience is an important part of your trip so offers travelers the information they need to book the perfect trip all backed by Price Guarantee. provides discount hotels, hotel deals and reservations featuring hotels for special events and rates for sold out dates. Select from Packaged Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Top Destinations, Suites, Condos, Bed and Breakfasts, Deals and Specials, Destinations and Interests, Road Trips, All Inclusive Resorts, New York Hotels, Las Vegas Hotels, Miami Hotels, London Hotels, San Francisco Hotels, Chicago Hotels, Orlando Hotels, Boston Hotels, Washington DC Hotels, Paris Hotels, and thousands of other hotels in most major cities worldwide. " - discount accommodation
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