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American Express Travel Insurance
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"Premier Plus: The American Express Premier Plus Policy offers some of the most comprehensive travel cover available on the market. In addition to top level benefits for Medical Emergencies, Cancellations and Personal Baggage, the policy also includes cover for hire cars in North America, full winter sports cover and even a concierge service.

Classic cover: Whether you're travelling on business, holidaying with your family, or want to protect children on school trips, the Classic Cover offers high benefit levels. The policy can be tailored to meet your needs. The family policy will cover individual members travelling separately.

Budget cover: The American Express Budget Policy offers essential cover at an extremely competitive price. Valuable benefits include cover for Medical Emergencies, Cancellation and Curtailment and Personal Baggage cover.

Extended travel cover: Whether you or a close family member are travelling for an extended period, you’ll enjoy a high level of benefits from our Gap Cover. Available in 3 month intervals, up to a total of 18 months duration."
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