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Green Flag breakdown cover
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"Green Flag is one of the UK's largest roadside rescue and recovery services, with almost 5 million customers and responding to over a million calls for help each year.

We provide breakdown cover for your vehicle, rather than the individual, so everyone driving your car can benefit from a fast, professional breakdown service.

# Breakdown cover starts from £35 per year

# Up to 25% online discount

# Five levels of cover:

* Rescue - 15% online discount

* Rescue Plus - 15% online discount

* Recovery - 20% online discount

* Recovery Plus - 25% online discount

* EuroPlus - 25% online discount

# No Callout Discount - saving you money off next year's cover if you don't call us out

# Breakdown assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

# A national network of breakdown specialists

# 80% of breakdowns fixed at the roadside

# An average response time of around 40 minutes

# Over 30 years experience in providing breakdown assistance"
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