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London Pass - save money on attractions, activities & transport
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See the sights of London at massively discounted prices.

"The London Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 55 sights and tourist attractions in London.

Customers simply pay the one off price for the London Pass of their choice (there are 4 durations to choose from) and then can enter as many of the tourist attractions included on the pass that they wish to, without paying.

Some of the most popular attractions which can be visited free with the London Pass are the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, St Paul's Cathedral, Windsor Castle, London Zoo, the London Aquarium and Shakespeare's Globe – to name but a few.

The London Pass is an ideal addition to a family holiday, romantic weekend or group trip - in fact, anyone who is travelling to London can enjoy and benefit from the pass."
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