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"See the sights of London, Philadelphia and Dubai from the deck of a traditional open-top double decker bus!

You can hop on and off at any of the world-famous attractions en route. Buy your printable e-tickets for these great value sightseeing tours online NOW!

London tours take in all the key sites including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and St Pauls Cathedral. FREE Thames River Cruise and Walking Tours included. Tickets: Adults 17 GBP, Children 8 GBP.

Philadelphia tours show you the best of this historical city including Americas first zoo, Benjamin Franklins house and Fairmount Park. Tickets: Adults 25 USD, Children 15 USD.

Dubai tours show you the real city from its sleepy fishing heritage to the modern metropolis it now is including everything from Jameira Mosque to the Gold Souk. Tickets: Adults AED 75, Children AED 45."
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