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Tell Me More - Foreign Language Learning Software
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"TELL ME MORE® - THE GLOBAL LEADER IN LANGUAGE LEARNING SOFTWARE - is the most complete language learning software on the market, with rich and varied content that includes up to 950 hours of learning and 37 types of activities. It is the only language software that covers all the skills to learn a language: reading and writing, listening and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and culture. The software also features cutting-edge speech recognition technology that allows you to assess your pronunciation and to improve it through detailed graphs and 3D animation.

TELL ME MORE® has over 5 million satisfied users worldwide, including 10,000 academic institutions and 300 of the world’s leading organizations, including the U.S. Government, the FBI, ExxonMobil, Toyota and more.

TELL ME MORE the best-selling complete learning method software worldwide. Auralog, publisher of the award-winning language software. TELL ME MORE is now the global leader in its field offering language learning products online or on CD-ROM. Auralog is the first company in the world to apply speech recognition technology to language learning software.

TELL ME MORE offers more hours of content, in a wider variety of activities and skill levels, than any other program available. Equally effective for the beginning learner or the advanced speaker, TELL ME MORE promotes advancement at all stages of language learning."
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