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"One of the most globally recognised travel brands, Hertz is the world’s largest and longest established vehicle rental. A pioneer in car rental, Hertz invented the fly-drive concept and many initiatives since.As testimony of its dedication to service, Hertz has won numerous awards around the world over the past, including the prestigious 2005 Readers Digest Award for most Trusted Car Hire brand in the UK.

Customer benefits

# Access to over 7400 locations in 154 countries, including all major cities and airports

# Wide range of the latest models from the world’s leading manufacturers

# Flexible booking features such as one-way rentals

# Inclusive rates with unlimited mileage

# Instant booking confirmation

# Driving direction mapping on website

# Emergency roadside assistance 24/7

# Unique NeverLost® Satellite Navigation System

# Specially equipped vehicles in winter

# Instant Return services at many locations "
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