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Killer Dana - Online Surf Shop
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"Killer Dana Surf Shop opened in June of 1991 along historical Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, California. Many of the employees at Killer Dana are second and third generation surfers from around the area. We operate one of the world's largest online surf shops which was launched in 1996.

Killer Dana is the Boardshort Superstore. We have the largest selection of boardshorts on the planet and usually 10 times more than other apparel retailers. We have boardshorts from every major surf brand and are constantly adding new brands. In addition to Boardshorts, we carry a full range of clothing and footwear for men and women.

Killer Dana is also proud to announce the arrival of an Expanded Surfboard Category. We already have hundreds of surfboards on our site with more going up weekly. Killer Dana also offers a full range of surf accessories and wetsuits.

We carry all the biggest brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, Roxy, Hurley, Volcom, O'Neill, Lost, Rusty, Affliction. We ship worldwide from our Southern California distribution and customer service center. Most orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours. The website has advanced search functions allowing visitors to search for products by gender, size, brand and price."
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