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Cotswold Outdoor - outdoor clothing, camping & climbing equipment
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"Cotswold Outdoor are the UK's leading outdoor clothing, camping and climbing equipment specialists. At Cotswold the outdoors is our passion. Our aim is to utilise our strengths to provide equipment, advice and information on the outdoors to those with a similar passion, so they get maximum enjoyment from the activity.

Cotswold Outdoor started life in 1974 as Cotswold Camping. The company premises consisted of a small outbuilding in the Cotswolds, from which the founders sold a range of basic camping accessories. Who would have thought that over 30 years later, we would be a multi-award winning retailer with 18 thriving stores located nationwide, an award winning website and a highly successful mail order service, with one of the most comprehensive ranges of outdoor clothing and equipment in the UK."
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