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Wegolo - budget airline comparison
"Wegolo actively promotes more than 50 European low cost carriers in 37 countries via one website, available throughout Europe in 4 different languages (Dutch, English, French and German). Wegolo is the only price-comparison website specialized in low cost carriers.

* Price comparison - search, find, compare, select, combine and book real-time the cheapest and available flights with more than 50 Low Cost en Budget Airlines.

* Book the cheapest Low Cost Airline tickets across Europe in just 3 steps.

* Increase your travel options with alternative airports by searching from/to a region/country.

* Cheapest tickets - combine the out- and inbound flights with two different airlines for your cheapest roundtrip tickets.

* All inclusive - wegolo only displays the available flights and all the prices inclusive of airport taxes and other surcharges."
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