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Simply Travel
"Villa and Hotel Holidays off the Beaten Track.

For the past 26 years, Simply Travel have been providing travel solutions for the discerning few who want more from their holiday than just a decent tan. During that time we have grown into one of the country's leading specialist tour operators, not through aggressive marketing tactics, but by providing an attractive alternative to mass-market package holidays, which has led our clients to travel with us again and again and to recommend us to others.

At Simply Travel we have gone out of our way to discover quality accommodation full of character in the more authentic corners of the world. Some of our properties are charmingly simple, others unashamedly luxurious, but they are all a far cry from the mainstream, in character as well as location.

In addition to our unique selection of villas, apartments and hotels, our flexible 'Wandering' programmes offer the chance to discover more than just a glimpse of your chosen destination."
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