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Wyndham Hotel Group UK
Wyndham Hotel Group UK
wyndham hotel group is the world largest and most diverse hotel company with approximately 7150 hotels worldwide with iconic brands and hotel choices in every category from upscale to economy we offer not only the most hotel choices internationally but also exceptional customer service and great value in the uk.

We operate two main brands ramada and days inn.

ramada is a hotel brand with nearly 900 properties globally with over 170 of these being located in the uk continental europe and the middle east no matter where you travel and the purpose for that travel ramada hotels offer an affordable welcoming and restorative experience so that you can do your thing and leave the rest to us

days inn offers the “best value” for price conscious leisure and business travellers guests will experience our refreshed image reflecting our new products and services we now offer more than 800 franchised hotels worldwide on five continents wherever our guests travel they’ll always experience “the best value under the sun” at days inn look for the sunny new sign of value and see what the new day brings
Wyndham Hotel Group UK
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