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Octopus Travel UK - hotel reservations
" is a leading hotel reservations website and is fully ABTA bonded for total peace of mind. With a range of hotels from budget to luxury, large chain hotels to boutique properties there's something for everyone.

Our key benefits include:

* Offering over 21,000 discounted hotels in 3,300 towns and cities in over 112 countries worldwide

* 3,000 apartments and villas in top holiday destinations area top featured on the website

* We specialise in providing full reports, images, detailed layouts, floorplans and maps. Additional information is provided and includes extras such as key pick-up points and driving directions from the nearest airport

* also differentiates itself from the competition by offering private transfers to take our customers from the airport or station to their destination and the opportunity to add-on one of thousands of great sightseeing tours"
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