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Late Rooms - last-minute accommodation
" is the UKs largest supplier of late availability hotel rooms with discounts of up to 70%. Laterooms offer bookings with hundreds of hotels in the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.

Great deals are available with a large number of partners including Thistle Hotels, Novotel, Jurys Doyle Hotels and Inns as well as many independent operators. Bookings can be taken even for the day of your stay. Booking is available both online and by telephone through quoting the reference number provided.

Operating in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) acts as a clearing house for unsold hotel rooms, ranging from small intimately run inns and guest houses to five star luxury hotels. No hidden charges, deposits or booking fees. Whether you need a room tonight, tomorrow or in three months time, LateRooms is able to provide live and accurate information on the latest deals and prides itself in offering incredible value for money, choice and a friendly service.

Established in 1999, LateRooms is the UK's leading accommodation site focusing predominantly on late availability deals in over 12,000 hotels, apartments and B&B's across Europe. With over 4,500 properties in the UK alone, LateRooms' success has been built on substantial levels of repeat business from very satisfied customers."
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