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"If you're looking for a specific brand of luggage, search no further. LuggageGuru has the most extensive selection of top brand names including: American Tourister, Andiamo, Atlas, Atlantic, Boyt, Briggs & Riley, Dakota, Delsey, Eagle Creek, French, Hartmann, High Sierra, Jack Georges, Jansport, Kenneth Cole, Kipling, McKlein, Pathfinder, Ricardo, Samsonite, Skyway, Swiss Army, Timberland, Travelpro, Tumi and Zero Halliburton. Since we are factory authorized service center we can sell special closeout collection luggage not available to our competition who only drop ship and have no warehouse.

We've shipped over a million orders, because we offer:

# 40 year business with live 20+ year experienced luggage gurus available for pre and post-sales support by email or phone

# Award-winning site where shopping is fast, easy & fun

# Extensive over 40 major and hard-to-find brands in-stock in our warehouse for quick delivery (USA and soon worldwide)

# Free Shipping on all orders over $100

# Lowest Price Guarantee

# Special Warranty - Pickup, repair, and factory-authorized return warranty items at our expense for one year

# 100% satisfaction guaranteed"
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