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"Lonely Planet began in the early 1970s after founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler completed an overland journey from London through Asia and on to Australia. Since then it has grown to be the world's leading travel guide publisher.

Lonely Planet publish over 600 titles in English and cover every corner of the planet. The guidebooks are also published in a number of languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese.

The Lonely Planet catalogue includes:

- Country Guides

- City Guides

- Activity and Theme Guides

- Maps

- Phrase Books

- Pictorials

- Travel Literature

- Diaries, Calendars, and gift products.

Lonely Planet also has a strong online presence, with attracting over 5 million unique users per month. In addition to destination content, travel features and user generated content, the website also features an online shop. The online shop stocks the entire Lonely Planet catalogue and ships globally."
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