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Jet 2 Holidays - great value holidays from Northern airports
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" is the North’s fastest growing tour operator providing great value holidays from 6 Northern airports. Fly from Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Blackpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Belfast. Protected by Atol, all customers can travel with peace of mind. offers a choice of over 17 destinations and a range of accommodation from 3 star self catering apartments up to 5 star all inclusive resorts. With a fast and flexible booking system, customers can choose the length of their holiday from 1-21 nights.

Destinations include the Balearics, Canaries, Mainland Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Egypt and Greece. Ski destinations include Italy, Austria and France. This summer’s most popular destinations include Tenerife, Ibiza, Costa del Sol, Menorca, Majorca, The Algarve and Costa del sol."
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