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First Choice - family sun holidays & charter flights
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"First Choice are part of the TUI Travel PLC Group of companies – the UK’s leading leisure travel company, specialising in sun holidays worldwide and charter flights. They are the family friendly travel provider with fantastic resorts, units, pools, products and services. First Choice’s advertising strategy is to grow preference for First Choice among family audiences by reinforcing perceptions of First Choice as the family holiday expert. Why First Choice is the family specialist: Kids Clubs – FC have more kids clubs (this includes crèche, kids clubs and teen clubs). Kids clubs are well equipped /bright/entertaining Play & Learn - Activities tied in with the national curriculum Get Active - Teaching kids to keep fit from Summer 09 – including yoga, fit n’ fun, family Olympics, Tattybumpkin Activity Volumes - In other resorts/hotels there’s not always something going on all the time for everyone – but at a FC HV there is! Baby packs - Baby packs and buggies are supplied at hotels, available for parents to purchase, saving room in their luggage Luggage allowance - From Summer 09 parents will be given an extra 10kg for babies luggage Kids rooms - Entertaining kids outside and inside the rooms is key to us – we offer tv’s, dvds, games console, bunk beds, colourful rooms, fun rooms, just as a kids room should be Teenagers - We are the leading in teenage provision Crèche - We offer a crèche service up to 11pm at night allowing for parent time"
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