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" features an extensive range of products including flights (Excel Airways and a variety of other airlines, both charter and scheduled), hotels, villas, apartments, car hire all sold across destinations in the Mediterranean, Florida and the Caribbean.

Customers can book either flights or their total holiday package on Excel Airways, recently named the "Best Charter Airline 2005" by the Daily Telegraph readers for the second year running and also "Worlds Leading Charter Airline" at the 2004 World Travel Awards, is one the UK's fastest growing airlines.

The airlines' website features an enhanced booking engine, added functionality, new routes to ensure the best user experience. As the UK's fastest growing airline Excel Airways fly to 50 destinations across Spain, The Canaries, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Eygpt, India, Orlando, Kenya and the Caribbean from twelve major airports in the United Kingdom including London Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, East Midlands, Birmingham, Stansted, Bristol, Cardiff and Humberside.

In addition to great fares starting from £79 return we offer great service and comfortable leather seating, in-flight entertainment and onboard entertainment for kids and a £5 discount for users booking online."
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