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Driveline Great Getaways - short breaks & holidays, air/Eurostar/car
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"'Great Getaways' - - is the brand name for short breaks and holidays by air, Eurostar and car that are supplied by Driveline Europe Ltd. We appreciate how important breaks are to our customers which is why we are committed to providing quality breaks and holidays at the best possible price.

Exclusive Eurostar + Hotel Offers: By working with our industry contacts, Great Getaways are able to get access to offers that cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. We are the first to market with many Eurostar break offers for breaks to Paris, Lille, Bruges and Brussels. These exclusive offers combine Eurostar travel and hotel accommodation which often include a night for FREE and/or other attractive ‘freebies’. You may have seen these offers featured in national press titles such as Daily Telegraph, London Evening Standard, Daily Express, Mail on Sunday and The Metro.

Self-Drive offers: We have a host of exclusive self drive breaks incorporating character hotels and châteaux accommodation. Transport is provided by Eurotunnel, P&O and Speed Ferries. Destinations include Calais, Boulogne and many more. "
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