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Upside Over - outdoor gear & technical clothing for kids
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" is an innovative new outdoor company and a leader in outdoor gear and technical clothing for kids. Upside Over's goal is to inspire, advise, and equip today's active families to give them the confidence to participate in outdoor adventure activities by choosing the right gear for the activity. Providing high quality, and sometimes hard to find, outdoor gear specific for kids makes families feel safe, secure and comfortable during their outdoor adventures. The company offers top quality technical brands. Child Carriers from Deuter, Sherpani and Kelty Kids. Jog Strollers from Bob Strollers and Kelty. Technical clothing from Marmot, Patagonia, 66 North and Sierra Designs. Camping equipment and sleeping bags from Pacific Outdoor, Mountainsmith, Sierra Designs, Leki, Sigg and Adventure Medic. Footwear from Mion, Keen, Merrell, and Timberland. Youth snowshoes from Crescent Moon, Tubbs and MSR. Technical clothing from NRS and Extrasport. Cycling bikes, helmets and jerseys from Kucharik, Argon 18, Kokopelli and Uvex. Climbing equipment from Petzl, Camp, Montrail, Mad Monkey and more.

Upside Over stresses customer service and as a result offers customers live chat with outdoor consultants to assist during the buying process. As a bonus ground ship orders over $45 are free for customers."
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