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Virgin Atlantic Airways
"US gateways including New York (JFK), Newark, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Las Vegas with over 30 destinations worldwide. Virgin Atlantic Airways was founded as a high-quality, value for the money airline that people love to travel and where employees love to work. We've built our business by challenging convention – finding innovative ways to delight our travelers and outperform our industry. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding travel experience that enables our customers to be outstanding at what they do.

Why do our passengers love to fly with us?

• Flying in Economy is all about fun and value, from our free amenity kit to our seat back TVs.

• Premium Economy seats are bigger and wider and there's a separate cabin dedicated to our Premium Economy passengers.

• The Upper Class Suite has the biggest fully flat bed in Business Class.

• Unique Clubhouses feature the expected and unexpected ranging from beauty treatments, full business facilities, stylish bars and delectable dining to golf driving ranges."
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