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Singapore Airlines
"Singapore Airlines, established in 1947, is the world’s most awarded airline and flies to 64 cities in the world throughout 5 continents, with the UK and Ireland's predominant market being South East Asia and South West Pacific.

Singapore Airlines operates one of the youngest fleets in the sky and made history in becoming the first airline to fly the Airbus A380, the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The A380 presently flies between Singapore and London, Sydney and Tokyo. Singapore Airlines operates 3 daily flights from London Heathrow to Singapore including a double daily A380 service. The Airline also flies between Manchester and Singapore 5 times weekly.

Our inflight entertainment system, KrisWorld, offers the greatest show in the sky, with over 1000 Audio Visual on demand option, while our frequent flyer program, KrisFlyer, allows members to redeem miles for free flights and upgrades."
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