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Hotel Group Reservations
" has become the first online travel company to offer real-time online group bookings in over 3,000 worldwide travel destinations. guarantees the best group rates and service.

In a process designed by hospitality sales managers, anyone can simply input appropriate group information and name a desired price per room. The patent-pending system instantly searches the Web for availability within the group coordinator's desired dates, star rating and price range. Hotels in the group's destination or destinations are then notified and encouraged to respond with rate offers and hotel information directly to the coordinator via the online system.

The group booking system also allows for rate and comment exchange from client-to-hotel and hotel-to-client. This online communication allows group bookings to be finalized completely online from anywhere in the world. Each group will receive their own customized group booking website that they can send to their event guests.

Great rates and great customer service."
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