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"Priceline customers have saved more than $6 billion on their travel purchases. No one deals like we do! We negotiate the absolute best travel deals, and help you stretch your travel dollars further!

Discounts of up to 50% or more on Airline tickets, Hotel rooms, Rental Cars, Vacation Packages, and Cruises.

Fixed-price retail travel products - visitors can shop, compare, and select the final price in advance! Visitors can then simply select the EXACT airline ticket, hotel, rental car, vacation package, or cruise that works best for them.

Name Your Own Price ® - fly any time of day, on any major airline, stay in any name-brand hotel or rent from any of the top 5 U.S. rental car agencies. Flexible visitors enter their travel date(s) and offer amount for an airline ticket, hotel room, or rental car.

- Name Your Own Price Airline tickets

- Name Your Own Price Hotels

- Name Your Own Price Rental Cars

- Retail Airline tickets

- Retail Hotels

- Retail Rental Cars

- Retail Vacation Packages

- Retail Cruises"
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